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Kohei Murakami

  • Translator (JA↔ES / EN→JA)
  • Interpreter (JA↔ES)
  • Web designer
  • CEO of PJH

Hello, visitors!

My name is Kohei. I was born in Yokohama where is known as a port city. And now I live in Tokyo for 8 years.
I mainly work as a Spanish translator, interpreter and WEB designer, and offer high-rated services to plenty of customers. If you want to know more, please explore this site!! 

Kohei. M

Mis Servicios

My Services


I translate any kind of documents and videos following the client’s instructions. Prices can be different depending on the quantity or how different.


I offer interpretation service to clients such as business meeting, conference and so on. There are mainly two types of prices, which is different depends on difficulty.


When you need to know or investigate something about Japan, it's must be a best choice to use my researching service. I dedicate to research whatever you want.

WEB design

I'm really confident to create unique & high-functional site which clients really want. As I work as a Spanish-Japanese translator, I can take an order localization of sites.




0.09 / word
  • Spanish→Japanese
  • Human translating
  • Any documents & videos


400 / day
  • 40% discount for half day
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Available also online


2,000 / topic
  • Research about Japan
  • Mainly for companies
  • Detailed & helpful report

WEB design

800 / site
  • High quality site
  • High functionality
  • Also for localization
Sobre PJH

About PJH

PJH stands for Puente Japohispano and make great profits for clients who need services like translation, interpretation, research and web design. I, Kohei Murakami sincerely dedicate for my clients in Spain, Latin America, Japan and around all over the world.

Click photo to get more info about PJH

Connect Spain, Latin America and Japan like bridge!

During the serious situation due to Covid-19, PJH has started to be on the way of my business. “Puente Japohispano” was a blog style back then. However, the same time as I graduated from my university, that blog had been changed & renewed as a site like now. Puente Japohispano is a service that connects between Spain, Latin America and Japan with translation, interpretation, research and web design. I work hard for accomplishing this mission. I’m glad that people know truly priceless information when needed.

Customer Satisfaction
Puntos fuertes

My strengths

I'm good at creating something unique!



Coming soon..

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Forma de Contacto

Contact Form

I warmly welcome any questions or requests you may have.

    I agree to this privacy policy.


    When you have any questions about translation, interpretation, research, web design and so on, you can contact from this form easily. So don’t hesitate to contact me! 

    As for translations between English and Japanese, basically I do English to Japanese translations only.

    Normally, I’ll respond within 2 or 3 days. Please wait a moment until I make a reply. Thank you for your patience.

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